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Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Free Blog Pings Websites

First of all, I want to gave you an introduction about ping. Pings are used to notify web directories and search engines you have updated your blog. With sending pings to these directories and search engines may increase your traffic and you can get more visitors from different mediums.

Here we are sharing the list of Top Free Blog Pings Services / Websites. These websites are totally free so you can notify others about your updates.

1. http://pingler.com
Pingler.com is one of the best free ping services to ping your blog.

2. http://pingomatic.com
PingOMatic is a free pings site here you can send pings not only of your blog's homepage url but also ping your rss.

3. http://feedshark.brainbliss.com
A free pings website.

4. http://pingmyblog.com
It is also a best free pinging site. you can ping your URL and you RSS.

5. http://pingates.com
It's one of the best ping site.

6. http://pingoat.com
A free pings service.

7. http://ping.in
It is a free blog ping services send pings to different blogs directories and search engines and notify about your updates and enable them to index your fast.

8. http://blogpingtool.com
It is a free ping site which send pings to different blog directories and search engines and it works for all types of blogs.

9. http://autopinger.com
It is also a free ping site but needs free registration for sending pings to the services.

10. http://ping4free.com
This site sends free pings to over 100 blog directories.

11. http://blogbuzzer.com
This site allows you to ping your blog for free and notify them about your latest updates.

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